My name is Liz Lu. I love stories. Fantasy and Romance are the two genres I'm particularly fond of, but I read other genres, too. I created Talecraft, a Story-Creation Card Game sold at bookstores in the Philippines, in 2007 out of a habit of creating stories to de-stress. Currently, I run a game company called Komikasi, and I believe games are a very good medium to use for good. I love God . I love innovations and new takes on things. I love collaborations and taking on the world.

I used to have a Black Knight at Komikasi. But then he had to go on his own quests. So, when I started another company, I decided to get a Princess for a change. I hope my beloved beauty will cheer up soon. He needs to realize his worth as charmer and connector are as valuable as that of my executors and diplomats. My Warrior Monk from Komikasi still helps out even in this new venture. But I think he will be quite busy with a wife soon. Hmm, I need to start thinking of settling down soon, too. I am currently owned by a big white cat called Hannibal.

I've recently written a self-development book called Nouveau, and recently published it on Lulu.com. Do check it out, and I hope it helps you as it has helped me. Cheers!

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