Friday, September 4, 2015

An Offense to our Men

Why is this a thing? There are so many kabit movies and TV series popping up these days. And I think people fail to realize that it's not just degrading to women, but also an offense to our men. I mean, think about it. We are basically implying that men are selfish indecisive creatures driven only by their libido. That men are unfair creatures, thinking only of themselves. That as long as they can afford it, and they can hide it, they will keep two women. And it's not unfair on both women because it's "love." We all know it isn't. It's nothing more than pride. An insecurity manifesting itself in the need to prove to one's self that he is in control of people's lives, and that he is attractive enough to have two women. We are implying that men are like that. When the truth is majority of the men we have around us are not like that. They are good people. Fair people. Decent people. I have a lot of guy friends. Most of my friends are guys because of my industry. And while they're not perfect, none of them are that backward.

Guy friends, defend yourselves. I know we, women, can be a bit loud with our sentiments. But in this case, I don't think it'll be appropriate for us to defend you. So please, for the sake of the next generation and those who might believe the shows, defend yourself. Tell the world that you're better than that. Show the world you look down on unfaithfulness. Use a hashtag and start a movement if you need to. But disagree with the image they are giving of you. Do not remain quiet. Do not let it be and hope it just goes away. For the sake of the next generation and for the sake of mankind, pick up your sword and fight this image.

And for us, creators, we need to start making shows that are more responsible. Because whether we like it or not, people will believe what we show.

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