Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Creative Thinking Through Talecraft

Mystery, Gothic, Coquette, Dark Lord, Outlaw, Cries in the Night, Test
I had a bit of a problem hanging over my head when I went to the mall this first day of November. I was feeling a bit stuck with my new business and I needed fresh ideas. The year was ending and I needed to figure out how to attack the problems this new business was having fast. Since I was selling Talecraft that time, and I was still waiting for people to come over the booth and play, I decided to play a bit of Talecraft myself, and see how I could gain insight from my eldest brainchild for my newest one.

Here is my first set of cards:
Genre: Mystery and Gothic
Explanation: The appeal is in the mystery, the unknown factor. Throw in gothic, which finds its appeal in the slightly disturbing.

Characters: Coquette, Dark Lord, and Outlaw
Explanation: Dark Lord. Be in control. Coquette. But be a tease. Give them a little bit. Withhold a little and make them want more. Outlaw. Don't go mainstream. Go niche. Go a less traveled route. Be brave in trying out the new.

Keywords: Cries in the Night and Test
Explanation: Test the project in a smaller scale. Maybe a one-night event. But make them cry out in delight or surprise. You are gothic, after all.

Summary: Go through this with a bit of mystery. Make it a little scary. Do something new and outside of the norm. But test. Tease. Small scale first. But the aim is always to make them cry out in delight. In surprise. Be the coquette and tease. Be the outlaw and go against the flow. But be the dark lord and be always in control.

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