Thursday, January 1, 2015

Stats Detail 2015

I think we have two aspects to our lives: the 'Be' and the 'Do.' The 'Be' is basically who we are: what our personalities are, our physical appearance, our financial habits, and the like. The 'Do' is our life mission, the purpose for our life. I divided our 'Be' into six aspects:

One point for each day you exercise. Bonus 10 points if you complete four weeks consistently.

Small group every Wednesday. Mentoring every Friday. Church every Sunday. One point for each day you do your quiet time. Another point each day you smile. Another point each day you don't complain.

Meet new people. Form new circles. Ten points for each new person you befriend. Two points for each relationship you strengthen.

The aim is stability, and mobility. One point for every thousand peso you save and do not spend. Ten points for each investment you make.

You've been traveling last year. This year, let's travel some more. Five points for each travel or class you do. Twenty points if you learn to drive. Twenty if you learn to swim. Twenty if you learn to cook.

Two points for each activity that soothes your soul. Two points for every Sabbath you keep holy.

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