Friday, January 9, 2015

Nouveau: New Year, New You

Early this year, my mom made a comment.
"You used to come into the room and own it," she said. "What happened?"
I shrugged and answered, "A series of unfortunate emotional events?"
"That's not an excuse."

I find my mother a little harsh sometimes. But in this case, she's right. I had been letting circumstances rob me of my self-confidence and presence. And why? Was I punishing myself for getting myself hurt? Probably, something like that. So, I told myself, enough with the moping. It's time to pick myself and move forward. It's time to reclaim what I had lost.

But I needed to do some auditing first, I told myself. I need to check where I am to be able to recalibrate my direction. This got me a bit excited. And so, I took one of the blank little notebooks in my stash and made a life auditing plan for myself. Thanks to my friend, Cam, I sort of had an idea how to start mapping out my life. Sometime in 2014, she taught us how to divide life in seven-year cycles and evaluate each year. My mom taught me a similar thing earlier, to search for possible traumas and see how we allowed ourselves to be affected by them.

After doing the past, I proceeded to the present, and mapped out my current personal state. Long story short, I came up with an entire workbook in a few weeks. Then when I was looking through my old notebooks for other lessons I had learned over the last few years, I remembered that some of my friends were asking me for self-development sheets in the past, too. So I decided to turn it into a proper book. So today, a fine sunny Saturday, I self-published it on You may view Nouveau: Life Plan and Audit here. Do download if you feel you have need for it. And may it help you as it is helping me now.

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