Friday, January 9, 2015

Nouveau: New Year, New You

Early this year, my mom made a comment.
"You used to come into the room and own it," she said. "What happened?"
I shrugged and answered, "A series of unfortunate emotional events?"
"That's not an excuse."

I find my mother a little harsh sometimes. But in this case, she's right. I had been letting circumstances rob me of my self-confidence and presence. And why? Was I punishing myself for getting myself hurt? Probably, something like that. So, I told myself, enough with the moping. It's time to pick myself and move forward. It's time to reclaim what I had lost.

But I needed to do some auditing first, I told myself. I need to check where I am to be able to recalibrate my direction. This got me a bit excited. And so, I took one of the blank little notebooks in my stash and made a life auditing plan for myself. Thanks to my friend, Cam, I sort of had an idea how to start mapping out my life. Sometime in 2014, she taught us how to divide life in seven-year cycles and evaluate each year. My mom taught me a similar thing earlier, to search for possible traumas and see how we allowed ourselves to be affected by them.

After doing the past, I proceeded to the present, and mapped out my current personal state. Long story short, I came up with an entire workbook in a few weeks. Then when I was looking through my old notebooks for other lessons I had learned over the last few years, I remembered that some of my friends were asking me for self-development sheets in the past, too. So I decided to turn it into a proper book. So today, a fine sunny Saturday, I self-published it on You may view Nouveau: Life Plan and Audit here. Do download if you feel you have need for it. And may it help you as it is helping me now.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Stats Detail 2015

I think we have two aspects to our lives: the 'Be' and the 'Do.' The 'Be' is basically who we are: what our personalities are, our physical appearance, our financial habits, and the like. The 'Do' is our life mission, the purpose for our life. I divided our 'Be' into six aspects:

One point for each day you exercise. Bonus 10 points if you complete four weeks consistently.

Small group every Wednesday. Mentoring every Friday. Church every Sunday. One point for each day you do your quiet time. Another point each day you smile. Another point each day you don't complain.

Meet new people. Form new circles. Ten points for each new person you befriend. Two points for each relationship you strengthen.

The aim is stability, and mobility. One point for every thousand peso you save and do not spend. Ten points for each investment you make.

You've been traveling last year. This year, let's travel some more. Five points for each travel or class you do. Twenty points if you learn to drive. Twenty if you learn to swim. Twenty if you learn to cook.

Two points for each activity that soothes your soul. Two points for every Sabbath you keep holy.

2015 Goals

Happy New Year! I hope 2014 was good to you. But even if it wasn't, may 2015 be a year of favor for you; a year of love, joy, hope and peace; and a year of adventure, purpose, and unexpected encounters. I was praying this season, and evaluating my life and where it's going. And one word keeps popping up to me: DECIDE. 2015 is a year of decision for me. I've allowed past failures to paralyze me into indecision. I end up making decisions long after the opportunity has passed, or still find myself in that limbo of indecision. But I didn't use to be like this. I used to be brave to the point of impulsiveness. And while I don't want to be impulsive anymore, I also am tired of being stuck in the unsure.

So I will decide. I will decide where to take my business and not be paralyzed by what people make me feel. I will decide where I want to go and not be held back by the voices in my head that tell me I had failed before (all the more reason to push forward since I haven't got a successful result yet. Learn, don't avoid) And I will decide who I will and will not pursue and not remain stuck in my indecision about how my heart and my head are not in agreement. Decide already! Who will you follow? Your head or your heart? Just decide. Then you can work on making it work once you've chosen one.

So what are my goals for this year?

  • Get Unlock & Load to a stable and self-sustaining state
  • Use Unlock & Load to distribute content that is nation-forming
  • Get Komikasi to create at least 4 original content this year
  • Kickstarter Talecraft! Have it redrawn and reprinted, and take it abroad
  • Go into romance novels. I have a three-way deal I have in mind
  • Finish 10-year roadmap for the Empire of Stories
  • Finish writing a book this year
  • Design and have made the dress you'll wear to the Awards Night this year
  • Go to SIGGRAPH Asia this year
  • Go to Turkey this year
  • See the stars again
  • Learn something new this year
  • Lose 15 pounds this year
  • Enroll in a gym (I can do this. I can do this! Wait, maybe I need a buddy. Any volunteers?)
  • 888: drink 8 glasses of water, get 8 hours of sleep, and give 8 hugs a day

It is time to stretch, even if it feels uncomfortable or painful, or painfully confusing. Just like recovering from a stroke-induced half-body paralysis, I need to move even if it hurts.