Friday, April 11, 2014

Life as a Video Game: The Princess and One True Love

As people who are always so busy with work, my friends and I often find our topic of conversation in the realms of love and relationship when we want to unwind. I guess it's because of the influence of Disney movies, but some of us tend to see finding "the one" as the end. For most women, it's a good end. I find my prince and we live happily ever after, the end. For some guys, they verbalize it as a bad end. Game over, pare, you've been caught. But either way, I don't think it's a good way to think of marriage and relationship. Marriage is the beginning of a partnership. Not the end of a quest. If we see marriage as the end all, then after the marriage, what else is there? The objective has been met, but the game isn't done yet. 

If we think about life as a level of a game, our one true love isn't the princess we need to save. It's the rare item we pick up along the way. The princess we need to save is actually the representation of our life mission. Our one true love is the power up that gives us an advantage as we go on our quest to save the princess.

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