Friday, July 12, 2013

Stats Details 2013

Half of 2013 is now done. And I must admit, I didn't make the most of the first half of the year. I had been busy moping and feeling bad about my circumstance that I am ashamed to say that I may have wasted six months of 2013.

But the year isn't over yet and I am not beyond redemption. So allow me to share the personal fixes I have taken upon myself to impose.

[28 points to a Level Up]
Yes, as silly as that sounds, I haven't been smiling enough lately. Very un-Filipino of me, I know. But I need to get back into the habit. Plus, I've been praying about the problems I've been encountering, but God has been impressing upon me this: "Rejoice in every circumstance." I know, right? I didn't get the specific answers and direction that I was expecting. But, hey, He's God and He has a point. So the plan is smiling face for 21 days to form to habit + 7 days for good measure. If I fail for a day, repeat from the beginning.

[50 points to a Level Up]
I am overworked. I have very little rest. 1 point each night I sleep at 10. 1 point for each night I come home early. 3 points for each week I implement my Sabbath. Four weeks for the habit + 1 week for good measure.

[5 points to a Level Up]
My brother is scolding me. I'm reactive because I lack planning. Therefore, I need to allot one day a week for planning. Four weeks for the habit + 1 week for good measure. Failure to do it in a week means a reset.

[6 points to Level Up]
I'm aiming for a 6-month contingency for now this level. 12-month for the next level.

[75 points to a Level Up]
I need to develop a doable exercise routine. And a better diet plan. This is more difficult because stat is dependent on my Rest and Plan. I need to add the exercise into the plan, and I need to sleep early to be able to have time for exercise. I also need to relax and control my stress because I have a tendency to stress-eat. So, two points each day that I am able to exercise. Another point each day that I am able to eat properly. An extra point if I am able to drink only one cup of coffee for that day, but three points if I am able to not drink at all. Five points if I am able to take care of my skin that week. Another five points if I am able to dance. Three weeks for the habit and one week for good measure. A week of less than fifteen points means a reset.

Broaden Horizon
[64 points to a Level Up]
If I'm bored, that's my fault. I should go out there and engage myself. And better yet, engage with others. I need a travel a quarter. If not, then either a class, a new hobby, or something new. A point every time I go out and see a friend. Two points if I see him/her again within the month. And ten points for a trip, a class, or an adventure. One trip per quarter, two coffees per month.

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