Monday, July 1, 2013

It's Her Fault for Wearing a Short Skirt

This morning, my Executive Assistant came in wearing a nice flowery knee-length dress. A man in a white long-sleeved shirt followed her up. The man had a cellphone in hand. One of my young programmers was at the bottom of the stairs when he noticed that the man was actually taking pictures under my assistant's skirt! But the poor boy was probably too stunned that instead of shouting, he just froze there. Eventually, the news got to me. I asked the building for help to identify the man. But G&A Building's Vice President, Manuel Ponce, wouldn't even help us. According to him, it's a personal matter. It's scandalous and the building does not want to get involved. Besides, he said, it was my assistant's fault for wearing a skirt.

I am just so mad right now! We took matters into our own hands and talked to each company ourselves. And thankfully, the companies in the building allowed us to check. But we couldn't find the man. We will continue to look for him. But I am just so very mad at Mr Ponce right now for not even helping us. This is sexual harassment and he blames my assistant for wearing a skirt?! It wasn't even a short skirt. The nerve of that man!

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