Friday, July 12, 2013


If you're wondering why I'm listening to a K-Pop band all of a sudden, that's +Costa Palma's fault. :P She shared one of SHINee's Japanese music videos to me. I looked at their other music videos and somehow, they ended up on my playlists. What drew me was the way their videos were done. I liked the visuals. I liked the themes. And I liked the stories. "Dreamgirl" was fun. "1000 Nen Soba ni Ite" was touching. But "Hello" was the one that was feel-good.

It showed the boys in different points in courtship. And I thought it was cute. One was about to propose. One was bringing a gift. Another was about to pick someone up. One was at home just being in love. And one was going to a girl's house to bring flowers. But all of them were smiling like everything's all right in the world and they couldn't help themselves. I like that. I don't see that a lot lately.

It got me thinking. The last time I saw an irrepressible smile was when I took my sister, Maita, to Ueno to get a bag of chocolates for only 1,000 yen. The shopkeepers kept adding more and more extra chocolate into the bag and made a big show of it. My sister couldn't stop smiling (she tried). I'd like to see these smiles, these smiles you can't help. And I'd like to smile these uncontrollable smiles, too. I think I shall try smiling again. Consciously smiling again.

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