Friday, March 22, 2013

How Do You Love Today?

Some people have asked me why I created Flirt. Well, it's because I wanted to poke fun at how we did relationships. I know it's not always fun. I've been there. I've been hurt before. I've been on the receiving end of those now-funny-but-then-oh-so-hurtful lines. I've said them, too, at one point or another. I'm no expert at relationships, but I think it's a good idea to stop and examine how we do relationships nowadays. Thus, Flirt. To show how silly we sometimes are when it comes to these things, and to make us pause and think. It's not meant to make light of the effort and the very real pain we go through. It's just there to make us stop and think. And laugh, of course. Laughter is always a balm to the heart.

In my experience play-testing Flirt with different groups of people, relationship issues always come up when we play Flirt. I wonder why... No, I know why. It's because the lines we use in the Flirt card game are taken from the most common lines we use in relationship. And like the questions Dr Flirt answers, the issues are almost always the same.

Why don't our parents ever teach us what to do in an event of a heartbreak? Why don't anyone ever teach us how to move on? Why aren't we ever informed that the breaking of a heart gives rise to loud voices of self-doubt in our heads? Even though what most of us go through has been consistent from the time of our great grandmothers, why aren't we ever taught what to expect? Why aren't we ever taught what to do?

Talk to me.

What do you think about how we love today? What do you think of men today? What do you think of women today? What do you look for? What do you think should have been taught to you?

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