Monday, January 21, 2013


We hear the word righteousness a lot but, the truth is, I never really understood what it meant. But I was in a Social Transformation class for my MBA yesterday, and our teacher, Ms Athena Gorospe, gave us a definition for it. She said, righteousness is meeting the expectations of a relationship, as compared to justice, which is meeting the expectations of a community. Alright, makes sense. That's why God credits certain actions to righteousness. That's why a point where peace and righteousness kiss is such a good place.

I'd like righteousness in my relationships.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Woman at CBTL

I had a meeting at Coffee Bean in High Street yesterday. As I was waiting in line to make my order, I heard the cashier ask the woman before me if she had two pesos. Since she didn't seem to have it on hand, and was searching through her bag for two pesos, I asked her if she needed two pesos. My wallet was in my hand, and it was heavy with coins. She was able to get coins already by the time she looked up at me and so my two pesos was unneeded. But she seemed pleasantly surprised by my offer to give her two pesos. So she turned to the cashier and told him, "Extend the 20 percent discount of my VIP card to her." I told her she didn't have to. But she said she wanted to. With that, I thanked her and we parted ways.

To the woman at Coffee Bean, thank you. That really made my day. May God bless you abundantly for your sweetness!