Saturday, December 29, 2012

Breakfasts and Writers Meets

I went on a vacation to my hometown, Davao, this Christmas season. And there were just things there that I found I really missed. I still like Manila when I'm doing business because the companies I need to meet are here. But, even if my cousins don't agree with me on this, I like certain things about the way we socialize in Davao.

I actually have friends in Davao who happily meet with me for breakfast. Some people would just drop by our house in the middle of my family's having breakfast. I have 10am social meetings! I don't know if it's just coincidence, but I don't have friends from Manila who would actually ask to see me for breakfast. If there's no work, none of them want to get up early. They will normally curse you for dragging them out of bed at 9 in the morning. I love breakfasts. And I wish I could find friends in Manila who would have breakfast with me on a Saturday morning.

House Calls
People there actually visit you at your house when you're in town. My friends in Manila visit me at home sometimes, and me them, but it seems such a hassle. And I don't know why house calls in Davao are a little more formal and respectful. Probably because when they visit, they visit the family. And people are expected to do it out of courtesy. Sometimes the social obligations get tiring, but I like that it's expected. It feels proper, and it would be nice to have a bit more of those in Manila, where work usually takes precedence over family obligations and propriety.

Writers Meet
Every month or so, a friend of mine met with a group of writers. I met his writers group once. It was composed of men and women of different ages. They would meet at one of their houses and just talk about stories. No plans. No projects. Just talk about the stories they were writing and the stories they've read. I have writer friends in Manila, but we never do this. Well, the fact that we all lived so far away made it hard to meet regularly. Also, we were good friends who didn't really hang out. Would be nice to have a group to meet regularly like that, though. I think I did before. Before everyone got busy.

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