Thursday, September 13, 2012

Future App Idea: Temple Run... for iTreadmill

Today is an idea-filled day for Komikasi. Brainstorming. Fooling around. Which leads to weird ideas. Which people here take seriously. Which leads to more brainstorming. It's a fun Thursday. Now, I can't disclose what foolishn-- ah, I mean, plans we have, because we're actually developing some of them. But here's an offshoot idea of my mine.

Need exercise? Imagine if Imangi Studios really did come up with Temple Run for the Treadmill! Exercise would probably be a bit more entertaining. The treadmill speeds up as you go along. And the treadmill has balance sensors, which reads where you're leaning as a left or right swipe. Crouch to slide. Jump (yes, in my head, treadmills would be able to take it then) to jump over obstacles.

Orig Photo by: Rico Shen [GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons.
Temple Run, Imangi Studios.
Then, after a nice workout running away from temple creatures, don't forget to Share. :)

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sound Experiment 2: Marie

Today, I tried doing the Cymatics experiment again. (You can view my first attempt here.) This time, with my sister, Marie, as my voice subject. I took videos! So you can see how the experiment works. And also so you'll see why I need someone with a bit more voice training.

Marie: "I feel bad that I don't have a very nice voice."
Me: "That's alright. We're still producing... Stuff."
Marie: "I wonder if my sarcasm has a particular shape."

My sister, Marie