Monday, August 27, 2012

Sound Experiments

I've always wanted to do Cymatics experiments. If you haven't heard of Cymatics before, it's creating patterns from sound. I think it's really cool. Imagine what we can do with it! I've always imagined documenting the various patterns created. Then maybe we could create a language. Its written form will be those patterns. Its spoken form will be wordless. Just sounds. Of course, the language itself will be a lot less complex than one with words. But it will be more emotive and melodic. Fun!

Unfortunately, I don't have an amplifier, or a subwoofer speaker that I can dismantle. But I will get there soon. For now, I tried a method that's a bit more crude. It involves PVC pipes, a balloon, and one's voice. The result, passable for a first try, and using such crude equipment. Still, it was exciting when the patterns started to form. My brother helped me with it. And we only managed to create a few. The problem was mostly because we couldn't project, much less sustain, a musical note very long. I need a singer. But here are some images we were able to produce.

Lower note.

Higher pitch.

My brother did this. I couldn't replicate this myself. 
But he made this multiple times.
Basically, we made a sort of drum with the PVC Y-connector and a balloon. Then we sprinkled it with salt. Then, through the long pipe, we made a sustaining sound, and watched as the salt vibrated into a pattern.


  1. This is something I would want to do :D Looks fun.

    1. It Is! We should do this some time. :)