Monday, January 2, 2012

My Stats Bars

Yes, alright, I'm a nerd. But I couldn't help it. If you look on the right-hand side of this page, you'll see my Stats Bars. XD It's something to help me keep track of my progress, and help me reach my goals for the year. The bars keep track of how much EXP I need to get to the next level.

And here's a little explanation to the numbers. For HP, they say it takes three weeks to form a habit. Plus, I'll give it another week or so for good measure, that will give me about a month to develop a healthy lifestyle of sleeping well, exercising and taking care of my skin. I'm giving myself 100 points a day for full score. There are days when I fall a little short of my target. Those days get EXP for effort, but not the full 100 points. If I slack off, then that results to a negative EXP. So far, I have given myself 90 points as of today, out of the 3100 total points for a month. So this means slacking off means I need longer time to level up.

Same idea goes for MP and the rest of my stats, but I've given MP a full quarter to get used to, giving it a total 9000 points to level up. Diplomacy falls under MP for me. And if my heart, and cascading, my tongue, can be taught to be pleasant for the next three months, then that will be a level up for me.

ATK is again, a longer-term thing. It's not quantified by month, but rather by project. If I could achieve the ten projects with quality, integrity and creativity, then I will have leveled up. DEF is a monthly thing. I give it half a year as the summer will test my DEF. So, 18100 points. Whew, that's a lot. But my DEF plan is not so hard.

INT is always the stat I like leveling up. I'm a learner. I love learning. But usually, my INT goes up at the cost of my DEF. But let's see this year. This year, that's three things to learn, plus two quests: Chicago and Singapore. A month each for the three things, a week each for the two quests. That's 10400 points.

For SPD, I give it half a year. It's easy to start but difficult to follow through. So I'm working on the follow through. So 18100 points also.

Man, looks like I've got a long way to go!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Leveling Up in 2012

Aside from my plans for Komikasi, I told my siblings I also wanted to improve myself this year. But what aspects should I level up? And, true to my siblings' nature of not being able to be serious for long, they said, HP and Mana Points. And Attacks and Defenses. And don't forget the Armor. You had to level up your Armor.

They were joking around, but I found some sense in what they were saying. Besides, I run a game company. It was just fitting. So, I took what they said and based my leveling up on those. It certainly helps in organizing my thoughts. So, here are the stats I'm leveling up this year.

HP [Health Points]
Health and Wellness

There are three things in this aspect I need to do: fix my sleep cycle, develop a regular exercise routine, and take care of my skin. Fixing my sleep cycle is simple enough. I just need to finish watching all these seasons of Inuyasha already so I would sleep earlier. If I sleep earlier, I could wake up earlier, have a longer quiet time in the morning, have time to exercise, and not be rushed when I go to work. Next, exercise. I need to exercise. This lack of exercise makes me feel sluggish and tired all the time. So, I'm going to run three times a week starting tomorrow. Running also helps me think. Next, skin. I will be vigilant and put on sun block. I will exfoliate regularly and treat my skin once a month.

MP [Mana Points]

Towards the later part of last year, I had become so busy, my prayer life was affected. I couldn't pray properly in the evenings because I kept falling asleep after "Dear Lord." In the mornings, I'm rushed. So, I would just tell myself, I'll do it at the office. But it would get busy, and before I knew it, it was evening already again. I need my morning quiet time like I need my coffee. Without it, I get cranky. It's my time to organize my thoughts and align them with the precepts of my King. It's a time for me to make pre-decisions, and to condition my heart and my mind. So, the level up plan is to follow the HP level up plan and wake up early so I can have a full hour for my morning quiet time, when it's really still morning and still quiet. I need quarterly solo retreats, too, to recharge. My brother thinks I require recalibration so quickly. But I think it's just for now. Once my mindset is fixed and stable, it would probably go down to two a year.

ATK [Attack]
Plan of Action

My plan of action is simple. Go on your quests with hope, faith and love. Then attack anything thrown at you with integrity, quality, and creativity.

DEF [Defense]
Contingencies and Back-ups

Save a fixed amount of gold pieces each pay period. Have a spending plan and stick to it. I need to have a substantial back-up because of my impulsive tendencies.

INT [Intelligence]

This year, I will learn three things: how to drive, how to swim, and how to cook. So, friends, you know you're close to my heart when I invite you to risk your life and taste test my cooking. This year, I plan to take up my MBA. If I can gather all the requirements on time, I start this month. I will also travel a lot this year. Six quests in line so far.

SPD [Speed]
Social and Stature

I was thinking about the speed attribute. In games, it's the stat that determines which of you will attack first. And so I thought that would be one's stature or social position. Well, this attribute I am developing for Komikasi. I intend to join one more organization to help promote the company (fondly referred to as "the Empire" or "the Countship"). I'm also stepping in as President of Soroptimist International of Paranque in June this year. This one is personal. And I intend to do some real changes.

And there you have it. That's my level up plan. In terms of Armor, here are what I've chosen: The Belt of Truth, The Breastplate of Righteousness, The Shinguards of Peace, The Shield of Faith, and The Helmet of Salvation. They require a little bit of getting used to. But they're powerful defenses. And for my weapon of choice, The Sword of the Spirit. It has a high MP requirement. But I think I'm more of a mage than a warrior anyway.