Monday, December 5, 2011

Strange Schools

I'm passionate about schools and learning. In fact, I've got several schools I'd like put up in the near future. But recently, I've come across some really strange schools. Some of them come off as offensive at first, but then if you think about it, some of them are actually practical. I do not endorse any of the schools. I'm just listing them down as something interesting to take note of. So, here they are. Enjoy.

1. Fu Kang Beauty and Hairdressing School
Ah, yes, but it only looks like an ordinary beauty school. What makes Fu Kang so different from the rest is that it runs its courses like a military school. Caught daydreaming in class? Drop and give me fifty push-ups! It may seem harsh, but I actually approve of it. Just because they're a beauty school doesn't mean they're just a beauty school. Like any profession, discipline helps make one excellent.

2. Beijing Moral Education Center for Women
This school claims to be able to teach their students how to snag a billionaire. I think it's basically a finishing school. And they claim that, in the past few months, they were able to successfully marry off around thirty of their graduates. At first glance, my reaction would be, "eh?" but if you think about it, these women have a goal. Why shouldn't they study for it? So, yey, Billionaire School.

3. The Austrian International School of Sex
Now, I have a lot of questions about this school. Alright, I'm not totally against the concept of learning to please one's spouse, but not in front of an audience! Are you supposed to do it in front of all your classmates? Or at the very least, does your teacher have to watch so she can give you a grade? And what about class exercises? Certainly gives a whole new meaning to, "class, find a partner for this exercise." Does this mean you have to have your "practical tests" with different people?

The idea of the school tickles my brain to some extent. And the fact that classes are to be held in an 18th Century Mansion adds to the appeal. But the thought of having to be viewed while you're being intimate with someone and the possibility of having to partner up with different people are not things I look forward to.